Fortnite Chapter 2 Is Dying.. (Fix This Epic)

Nov 24, 2019
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Fortnite Chapter 2 Hasn't had any major updates since it came out and is in need of one really soon!
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  • I still love Fortnite it's my favorite game but we need some content updates soon! I trust Epic will have something good planned for Christmas so I'm looking forward to that!

    Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
    • @Danny FTW you know a band called slipknot?

      Donald MccartyDonald MccartyYear ago
    • @headhunter x3 Thanks lol!

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
  • Na screw epic let em die

    GamerVetGamerVetMonth ago
  • When I said I wanted a new map I also meant a be able to choose between maps so you can do the season 1 map

    Doctor che3zeDoctor che3ze9 months ago
  • Subscribe to me guys

    AMRO_- MAKKAWIAMRO_- MAKKAWI11 months ago
  • It’s been Tough year for Fortnite this year

    Enough Mirror494Enough Mirror49411 months ago
  • I've been playing Fortnite since Season 2. This game used to be more fun. Nowadays I play it and leave within 3 matches played.

    Levi LimaLevi Lima11 months ago
  • Fortnite is for little babies let the game end this cartoon shit is stupid play cod like a real man

    Nick WheelerNick Wheeler11 months ago
  • There’s no saving fortnite at this point

    Diet LimeDiet LimeYear ago
  • If someone that is famous plays a different game the fans will follow. if the famous person plays fortnite again fortnite will become popular. It's pretty simple .

    BlindsightedBlindsightedYear ago
  • Lol dying,this game was already dead since chapter 2 came out.The major drop in google trends and twitch viewership speaks for itself.

    Magic JohnnyMagic JohnnyYear ago
  • What they should have done is: give us the new map on week 1 as well as the gun changes and the boat Week 2 add fishing Week 3 add the bandage bazooka and fortnimares Week 4 add hiding in dumpsters and toilets Week 5 add the upgrade machine Week 6 add the harpoon gun Week 7 unvault snow men and chiller grenades Week 8 add the Christmas stuff They should have rolled it out slowly

    Ponani NannyPonani NannyYear ago
  • Fortnite has been updating so much that it doesn’t even let me play it ☹️ And yea there isn’t updates rly in this season but when the entire game changed, I kept getting minor updates and eventually it messed up my ps4 and said my database was corrupted

    Dark ShootahDark ShootahYear ago
  • they need to buff pumps

    the homie mattthe homie mattYear ago
  • Just play cod mw

    Jaja Srry BroJaja Srry BroYear ago
  • I totally agree bro,i play solos 24/7 because everyone else quit and it is seriously killing me,i am sick of being killed by a sweaty ass pc player when im stuck on 60fps and shit internet,plus the dryness of the game with the lack of updates is seriously bad.

    DannykedッDannykedッYear ago
    • @Lil Kakashi if you're talking about modern warfare, then f that utter garbage too many campers

      Luke Wayne Is Such A ChadLuke Wayne Is Such A ChadYear ago
    • give it a slap get cod brother

      Lil KakashiLil KakashiYear ago
  • I haven't even played fortnite in 4 months I fill bad for y'all who still enjoy the game its dead now.

    Barko OkaaaBarko OkaaaYear ago
  • I haven't played s2 since day 1, there are just better games

    MarsMarsYear ago
  • Old season 1 to 3 was the best and season 3 had the best map when tilted was introduced

    MurryCoolzMurryCoolzYear ago
    • Tilted was introduced in season 2

      Lord EddyLord EddyYear ago
  • It looks like epic don’t care anymore because they know everyone will play their crappy game anyways

    MurryCoolzMurryCoolzYear ago
  • LOL the beginning it was hilarious

    MaxTheCrafter 210MaxTheCrafter 210Year ago
    • lol!

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
  • I miss planes and tilted. Epic bring back season 7🙄

    DomesticsDomesticsYear ago
    • Enough Mirror494 creative?

      Ponani NannyPonani Nanny11 months ago
    • In Fortnite

      Enough Mirror494Enough Mirror49411 months ago
    • Danny FTW it’s been a year since I Flew a Plane

      Enough Mirror494Enough Mirror49411 months ago
    • Danny FTW lazy lake has potentional just get a meteor to knock down a few buildings and rebuild them into towers

      Ponani NannyPonani NannyYear ago
    • Fuck no season 4 was the best

      Lil KakashiLil KakashiYear ago
  • Fr like the first week of chapter 2, I've had the most fun playing fortnite since it came out and ever since it just felt so repetitive and there was no ltms or anything (apart from storm king) we will be getting two new guns this week and recently we finally got some ltms so fingers crossed that it'll get better

    MGMGYear ago
    • MG two new guns, haven’t seen them

      Ponani NannyPonani NannyYear ago
    • Yeah fingers crossed! :D

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
  • Lmaooo that introoo =)))))). Also I agree with you,we really need updates

    Alin PanaitAlin PanaitYear ago
    • lol! Yeah i can't wait until the Christmas update!

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
  • 0:07 what is that?

    Don’t play fortnite kidsDon’t play fortnite kidsYear ago
    • Merry Marauder's head lol

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
  • Can you gift me the new 500 emote?

    GoofyLocksGoofyLocksYear ago
    • Thanks

      GoofyLocksGoofyLocksYear ago
    • @GoofyLocks I gifted it! :D

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
    • TL_GoldzTTV I have you added. I'm not online rn tho

      GoofyLocksGoofyLocksYear ago
    • Yeah what is your epic again?

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
  • I feel bad cause I play it only cause of how much money I’ve wasted on my account. I still love this game, but I just don’t feel the same energy if you know what I mean. This game will forever be one of my favorites of all time, but the staleness is overwhelming to me. What I’m about to say is controversial but in my OPINION I think season x was a lot better and more refreshing. They added new items and content almost every week. Not all updates were good but it kept the game fresh enough for people to still play, even tho the brutes were op at least they got vaulted like the last month of season x. Chapter 2 started good and it still is, because nothing has changed other than the harpoon gun. I was exited for this season to be over but it had to be extended like 2 months. If fortnite keeps the same schedule of updates and content I fear this game will become the next fear. I know you don’t know what that game is and that is my point. I feel feel fortnite thinks making new skins will keep us attached to the game, but it won’t atleast not for long. I know there will be great things this December but what about January. I know this was long but if you’re still here thanks for heading this. I really just wanted to get it off my chest and express what I fell about fortnites current stage 👍❤️

    IVanicIVanicYear ago
    • Isaak Tipton well streamers always have something to complain about

      IVanicIVanicYear ago
    • I agree! Hopefully we start getting updates again like we used to that's what this game needs!

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
  • 7:26 that water really saved you there Lol 😂

    Jayy FTWJayy FTWYear ago
    • Danny FTW lol

      Jayy FTWJayy FTWYear ago
    • lol i was counting on it!

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
  • Hola

    Brianna MarieBrianna MarieYear ago
    • Hello!

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
  • Like if you want free rewards

    Ryan RobloxPlayerRyan RobloxPlayerYear ago
  • That intro lol. I haven’t played much either. :/

    Tnk 21Tnk 21Year ago
    • lol i was bored so i was like let's just add a weird intro! Yeah it's sad because I've had so much fun on Fortnite for so long i just want some crazy update to come out!

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
  • First

    Ryan RobloxPlayerRyan RobloxPlayerYear ago
    • Nice!

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago