Dec 14, 2019
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Buying the new Christmas Skull Trooper (Yule Trooper) In Fortnite, What a surprise!
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  • I LOVE THIS SKIN!! What do you guys think?! Was not expecting to see this in tonight's item shop! 🔥

    Danny FTWDanny FTW11 months ago
    • Me tow

      Abdullah HussainAbdullah Hussain26 days ago
    • @Dr 4unar will this skin ever come back?

      orvonton 212orvonton 2125 months ago
    • Love it

      Dr 4unarDr 4unar8 months ago
    • I can't wait to see what other skins will be coming out in the shop! :D

      Danny FTWDanny FTW11 months ago
    • Danny FTW it’s an amazing skin #7k Giveaway L4Y3_Noob

      MaxTheCrafter 210MaxTheCrafter 21011 months ago
  • Hi

    Abdullah HussainAbdullah Hussain26 days ago
  • Is this come this year or ım buy the classick skull tropper

    Cacık Vakfı ESENCacık Vakfı ESENMonth ago
  • Its fake

    tris_ brixtris_ brix4 months ago
  • So I Already Bought Skull Troop So Do I Get It Free?

    Cadygames_YT 2Cadygames_YT 25 months ago
    • No

      Sponsored by GucciSponsored by Gucci5 months ago
  • Bro I have the season 6 skull trooper and I thought u would get this style for free if u already had skull trooper

    TwT OrbitTwT Orbit6 months ago
  • Is this skin coming next x mas if it is I’m buying it

    Mr UnordinaryMr Unordinary6 months ago
  • Can you pls gift me epic username ABN8787 pls I'm default

    GG 8787GG 87877 months ago
  • I’m sad I couldn’t buy this skin I didn’t have enough v bucks atleast I have normal skull trooper but I’ll buy Yule trooper next year tho

    No name LolNo name Lol7 months ago
    • It might not be re released

      Scxrpion CCScxrpion CC5 months ago
    • Manny 8018 your fat

      No name LolNo name Lol5 months ago
    • It’s trashy in my opinion it looks bad with the color and it’s fat

      Manny 8018Manny 80185 months ago
  • Like my comment if u think the OG skulltrooper and 2nd it came out should have the style /YULE TROOPER and like if u think that the same as the normal fishstick has the frozen style

    X-SHAZZA-XX-SHAZZA-X11 months ago
  • He’s like Jack Skellington when he’s in his Santa suit

    Jeremy MittwerJeremy Mittwer11 months ago
  • The beard

    Shirley BShirley B11 months ago
  • Guys this skin is from NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!! Do you guys know Jack skeleton? Well this is where it is from lol!

    That’s wack.That’s wack.11 months ago
  • Why would they not just give the style to people that have the skull trooper minus the back bling and release it in the shop

    Angel CastilloAngel Castillo11 months ago
    • @Spartan Death #763 wtf are you saying bruh 😂🤦‍♂️👌

      Ahh yes applesAhh yes apples9 days ago
    • @Ahh yes apples and you created a account for being a bitch person then

      Spartan Death #763Spartan Death #7639 days ago
    • @Spartan Death #763 what?? bruh you are replying 8 months late too so what are you trying to prove?🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ nice try hypocrite 👌😂🤦‍♂️🤡

      Ahh yes applesAhh yes apples9 days ago
    • @Ahh yes apples imagine replying late

      Spartan Death #763Spartan Death #7639 days ago
    • @Ahh yes apples been 8 months to say that

      Spartan Death #763Spartan Death #7639 days ago
  • 7kgiveaway Not-Andr3w

    Andrea CarusoAndrea Caruso11 months ago
  • Am I the only one that understood the nightmare before Christmas reference

    OutrunNoob1888OutrunNoob188811 months ago
  • I got the skin

    King KevKing Kev11 months ago
  • Reminds me of the Santa version of the Misfits fiend.

    MonstrosityMonstrosity11 months ago
  • I’m getting Nightmare before Christmas vibes

    The BeastThe Beast11 months ago
  • I’ve been using the combo in the thumbnail

    JPGrooverJPGroover11 months ago
  • I never instantly buy things but I couldn't resist this time lol

    Steven HigginsSteven Higgins11 months ago
  • 3:51 ‘Twas the nightmare before christmas

    Corbin does ThingsCorbin does Things11 months ago
  • Cop or drop guys ?

    5alid5alid11 months ago
  • It should be a style

    BarneybbbBarneybbb11 months ago
    • Yeah that would be nice but because it's so good i would say it's definitely worth getting again!

      Danny FTWDanny FTW11 months ago
  • I guess I'm the only person who thinks this skin doodoo

    NuRuwNuRuw11 months ago
    • Ok because i go from from being a galaxy skin to default if a yule trooper was I'm the same playground lobby as me

      NuRuwNuRuw11 months ago
    • Me too

      BobBob11 months ago
  • It really reminds me of nightmare before Christmas

    TricksterTrickster11 months ago
    • Marshmello-_-30 fortnite did that on purpose it’s an Easter egg

      JudeJaskJudeJask11 months ago
  • This is quite a good skin i think

    Code CringeyCode Cringey11 months ago
    • I was so surprised to see this especially because it wasn't leaked! Makes me even more excited to see what could come out next! :D

      Danny FTWDanny FTW11 months ago
  • This skin surprised me. The shop said 0:00 the whole day so I couldn’t see how much time until the shop. Second it wasn’t in the leaks. It’s pretty cool though. Edit: the skin is like the night before Christmas.

    Tnk 21Tnk 2111 months ago
    • Yeah because it wasn't leaked it was crazy to see it when the shop changed! I love the skin! :D

      Danny FTWDanny FTW11 months ago
  • 7kGiveaway!

    Edna PedrazaEdna Pedraza11 months ago
  • I think it's pretty cool

    Edna PedrazaEdna Pedraza11 months ago
    • Same! Can't wait to use this skin now!! :D

      Danny FTWDanny FTW11 months ago
  • Should I get this or crackshot because of the edit styles

    FroraxFrorax11 months ago
    • I would get this instead of Crackshot i think it's a better skin and possibly next year it will get another style!

      Danny FTWDanny FTW11 months ago
  • I love this skin everyone is probably gonna buy it!

    Azzar27Azzar2711 months ago
    • Yeah it's a must buy! :O

      Danny FTWDanny FTW11 months ago
  • I was expecting the two leaked star wars skin's and we got this lmao looks cool tho

    MGMG11 months ago
    • @MG I hope so that would be amazing!

      Danny FTWDanny FTW11 months ago
    • @Danny FTW yeah same I heard that there might be a light saber pickaxe 👀👀🔥

      MGMG11 months ago
    • I can't wait to see what's in the next shop i hope there's more skins that haven't been leaked that are as good as this one!

      Danny FTWDanny FTW11 months ago