Fortnite Season 2 EXTENDED! (WHY THIS IS GOOD)

Apr 14, 2020
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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Has Been Extended! Season 3 Is Delayed But There's GOOD News!
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This video is Family Friendly and contains no swearing

  • New update tomorrow! What does everyone think about the Season being extended? I don't think it's too bad! Epic have said there's new updates coming this Season that will freshen up gameplay also some surprises and lots more XP!

    Danny FTWDanny FTW7 months ago
    • @Mike Cleary Nice!! Hopefully you can get them all depending on how much XP Fortnite give us!

      Danny FTWDanny FTW7 months ago
    • @Cool-J You did!

      Danny FTWDanny FTW7 months ago
    • @Danny FTW I AM SOOOOOOOO HAPPY CAUSE I AM LEVEL 184 and i really am hoping to at leat get gold tntina maybe even gold skye

      Mike ClearyMike Cleary7 months ago
    • Danny FTW I CALLED IT

      Cool-JCool-J7 months ago
    • @MaxTheCrafter 210 Yes me too! I can't wait to see what's still coming this Season!

      Danny FTWDanny FTW7 months ago
  • It go delayed AGAIN

    Ayman ABOHAMEDAyman ABOHAMED5 months ago
  • It’s not even a month it’s like 2 weeks

    LenterrazLenterraz6 months ago
  • Can I get Meow schools from your locker in Fortnite

    Chioban NoelChioban Noel6 months ago
  • In season 3 do we feel at skins from season 2

    Janesubscrighf rhoughtonJanesubscrighf rhoughton7 months ago
  • All the Gold skins Level 100: Gold Midas Level 140: Gold Brutus Level 180: Gold Meowscles Level 220: Gold Tntina Level 260: Gold Skye Level 300: Agent Peely

    Meh PersonMeh Person7 months ago
    • Also, you have to unlock fully gold. So add 40 lvls to all of those for the full gold version

      solonersoloner6 months ago
  • free battle pass due covid-19 well surprise?

    Quint ThanosQuint Thanos7 months ago
  • Mad vid

    Little SnibblesLittle Snibbles7 months ago
  • I like your videos

    Steven GregorySteven Gregory7 months ago
  • Far what has happened ao far, it hasn't been that exciting. The only thing happening are live events that I'm not really interested in and new skins in the shop that I couldn't really buy considering the quarantine. If they want to help with the Xp gain then they should release extra missions like what they dis in the past season instead of just respawning XP coins that don't give much.

    Revered RogueRevered Rogue7 months ago
  • fuck them at lest make when you hit lvl 100 max xp to lvl 5-10k i at least have reason to play i dont have time to grind this shitty game only stw is good now -.-

    dan tandan tan7 months ago
  • That’s good because we can get more levels and get level 300 for peely

    T5ASHT5ASH7 months ago
  • I’m 140 and the leveling is just pure boring and slow as hell. I don’t have the time!

    DrBugzDrBugz7 months ago
  • Thank the lord because i wanted to finish the spy games and get better

    Pokemon card CollecterPokemon card Collecter7 months ago
  • Yay at least those challenges will help me get to gold meow

    Y4S1N 987Y4S1N 9877 months ago
  • You should have more views!! Did you ever check followsm(.)com?! It could really help you grow your channel.

    Bruno PerkinsBruno Perkins7 months ago
  • Nice vid

    FaZe UrbadFaZe Urbad7 months ago
  • nice video also keep going ;)

    WeluxWelux7 months ago
  • Its not too bad as i can practice to get better but i might also play other games like warzone or apex until the new season drops

    RillionRillion7 months ago
  • Ok so I have some very spicy theory’s about what might be there : Map selection So you can chose between maps maybe like the old and new - New bosses I mean epic games has made some amazing updates but if there is no new bosses then I will be sad - The new battle pass screen of course they will add another like but what could it be what will they do with deadpool and MAYA and other stuff idk - MAKE YOUR OWN SKINS!!! Season 3 must be the day for new skins and Making your own I think it would be added lots of players have been WANTING it so it should come out

    AstroAstro7 months ago
    • @I'm better than tawaab I know but it’s what I think will happen

      AstroAstro7 months ago
    • Mason Machay but we have to finish chapter 2 though i think

      I'm better than tawaabI'm better than tawaab7 months ago
  • pls

    Sanchir ErdenechuluunSanchir Erdenechuluun7 months ago
  • i subscribe and like to your video and pls i want battle pass (Saku erka)

    Sanchir ErdenechuluunSanchir Erdenechuluun7 months ago
  • Ok now i dont have an excuse for no reaching at least level 250

    Alin PanaitAlin Panait7 months ago
    • @Danny FTW me too. Hopefully we will get some comunication

      Alin PanaitAlin Panait7 months ago
    • Yeah I'm actually excited about this I'm not even bothered about next Season getting delayed by a month I'm looking forward to maxing out these skins and seeing what updates are coming still this Season!

      Danny FTWDanny FTW7 months ago
  • Maybe the battle pass will be free since of covid-19 since kids can’t go to stores

    Eugene KrabsEugene Krabs7 months ago
    • Epic needs money so u know they won’t

      ToNiToNi7 months ago
    • Hope so

      Quint ThanosQuint Thanos7 months ago
  • Good vid

    Lama ManLama Man7 months ago
    • Thanks!!

      Danny FTWDanny FTW7 months ago
  • Season one was so long that now 1 month doesn’t even seem that long

    Soap Is KoolSoap Is Kool7 months ago
    • IKR Also season 1 was stale and even tho there’s an extra month. Not a lot of people are getting max gold

      Jldsoccer610Jldsoccer6107 months ago
    • Yeah it doesn't even seem long at all! Also with the updates still coming to the current Season that should keep it fun until the next one starts!

      Danny FTWDanny FTW7 months ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Noble GamingNoble Gaming7 months ago
  • We’re interested in you 💜 check us out

    Original MattzOriginal Mattz7 months ago
  • Yay a new update. I know I can’t buy anything cause I don’t have vbucks but I like to see the leaks. Sometimes their cool. Also, I recently been playing arena and I’m on division 6. It’s kinda hard. Do you have any tips in arena? Thanks and nice upload as always ;)

    Tnk 21Tnk 217 months ago
    • Yeah i hope to see some new skins! :D I'm not sure dude just practice builds, edits and aim because there's going to be alot of sweaty players lol! Thanks!!

      Danny FTWDanny FTW7 months ago
  • I hope they're right about new fresh surprises but I'm worried it will not change much. Looking forward to it. Edit: Also, I'm pretty sure you're using the SF 49ers skin, and seeing that I'm from the Bay Area, its great.

    GConquererGConquerer7 months ago
    • Yeah i hope they're right too! It's my favorite style for the NFL Skins! :D

      Danny FTWDanny FTW7 months ago
  • Hallelujah!

    Kid Friendly GamerKid Friendly Gamer7 months ago
    • Gold styles will be reachable now! :D

      Danny FTWDanny FTW7 months ago
  • I new it

    Connor TurnerConnor Turner7 months ago
  • Season 1 PTSD has returned ☹️☹️☹️

    IVanicIVanic7 months ago
    • @IVanic Fingers crossed!

      Danny FTWDanny FTW7 months ago
    • Danny FTW they also said that last season I’ll hope this time they actually mean it

      IVanicIVanic7 months ago
    • I don't think it will be as bad as last Season I'm glad they said there's going to be updates and stuff! :D

      Danny FTWDanny FTW7 months ago