Fortnite v11.40 Update TOMORROW! More Mobility In Season 2 New Locker Concept, Heavy Shotgun RETURNS

Jan 14, 2020
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New Fortnite update CONFIRMED For Tomorrow!
In Todays video we will be talking about possible mobility items and vehicles returning to Fortnite in the near future as Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Gets closer also the possible return of the Heavy Shotgun and a brand new locker concept idea!
Ninja Tweets About Mobility In Fortnite Chapter 2
Tomorrow's Update Info
Pleasant Park Getting Destroyed Rumor
New Locker concept for Fortnite
Heavy Shotgun Returning To Fortnite
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  • Update is now CONFIRMED For tomorrow in Fortnite! What are you guys hoping to see?!

    Danny FTWDanny FTW10 months ago
    • @Danny FTW yeee the big hype

      Alin PanaitAlin Panait10 months ago
    • @Alin Panait Seeing alot of leaked stuff from the update right now and it is looking good! :D

      Danny FTWDanny FTW10 months ago
    • Mobility

      BigBoyBigBoy10 months ago
    • I dont know,but i am so excited:)))(

      Alin PanaitAlin Panait10 months ago
    • @Nathan Ma Same! :D

      Danny FTWDanny FTW10 months ago
  • Ur actually good at this game dude

    4ever Boards-_-4ever Boards-_-10 months ago
    • Thanks!

      Danny FTWDanny FTW10 months ago
  • You forgot shadow grenades

    Volunteer NationVolunteer Nation10 months ago
  • In fortnite

    millie Bobby Brown stranger thingsmillie Bobby Brown stranger things10 months ago
  • Atk

    millie Bobby Brown stranger thingsmillie Bobby Brown stranger things10 months ago
  • The other style for eight ball vs scratch looks like a gold dipped ball sack

    YodAz MomYodAz Mom10 months ago
  • I swear I’m uninstalling fortnite if they add mechs back

    o.Photixelo.Photixel10 months ago
  • I can’t believe I did a 36 headshot damage the worse is 9 damage

    o.Photixelo.Photixel10 months ago
  • I saw a leaked vid and it said we brought mobility back

    ABC Hot DawgABC Hot Dawg10 months ago
  • All mobility is back

    JAKE SULLJAKE SULL10 months ago
  • 7kgiveaway Not-Andr3w

    Andrea CarusoAndrea Caruso10 months ago
  • Fortnite season 11/chapter 2 season 1 was the absolute worst fortnite season ever, idc what anyone has to say, this season was the absolute worst, the map just looked so dead and boring , everything was just bad about this season, it was just plain ass, they really have to do something big so that season 12 saves fortnite and the game doesn’t fall completely off

    Eden 4vEden 4v10 months ago
    • Xuhur it realllyyyyyy is 😂 I’m really hoping that season 12 turns out to be something big and enjoyable

      Eden 4vEden 4v10 months ago
    • Fax the game boring af rn

      strepstrep10 months ago
    • ELManuelitode PR the actual season one was actually fun tho because that was when everyone was starting to learn about the game , this new starter season was just plain boring tbh

      Eden 4vEden 4v10 months ago
    • Diego Emilio Its like season 1 the map was boring but then they started to place more locations Youst give them time

      ELManuelitodeprELManuelitodepr10 months ago
    • I think they will start making the game more fun again especially now Christmas is over and they have had a break and this Season is nearly over so I'm excited to see what they do next especially next Season!

      Danny FTWDanny FTW10 months ago
  • I'm new here, why does this video not have at least 100 likes?

    Master KeyMaster Key10 months ago
    • Thanks i appreciate it!

      Danny FTWDanny FTW10 months ago
  • I DONT CARE IF THIS UPDATE BARELY HAS ANYTHING I JUST WANT LAUNCH PADS BACK AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Btw I do rlly want a new thing added like a background since the background is just blue and blue triangles, and i miss the heavy shotgun and drum shotty but plz don’t bring back combat epic games

    isahisah10 months ago
    • Nathan Ma agree

      Matias lierMatias lier10 months ago
    • Drum Shotgun sucked, not gonna lie. Combat was cool, but it made the game so unbalanced

      Nathan MaNathan Ma10 months ago
    • Same! Launch Pads are always good to use in Fortnite!

      Danny FTWDanny FTW10 months ago
    • Joocey combat was fun to use,but it was annoying

      Matias lierMatias lier10 months ago
  • Don’t even get started on mechs lol love it when you make these update videos you should do these every update you should also do sniping montage

    Ñœtrën HetÑœtrën Het10 months ago
    • Thanks i appreciate it! I will do these more and I'll try to upload more gameplay too!

      Danny FTWDanny FTW10 months ago
  • 7k give away I hope I win but gg to anyone that wins

    Parker RattrayParker Rattray10 months ago
    • Good luck! :D

      Danny FTWDanny FTW10 months ago
  • All I want is the old pump style, not the current long skinny awkward one

    DatroDatro10 months ago
    • That’s what I’m saying. It is so ugly. We should have everyone petition it back. If they change it back I will literally play Fortnite again

      D FD F10 months ago
    • Also the old damage because the shotguns RN are ass

      Blood FCBlood FC10 months ago
    • Ikr I MISS IT

      RipeXRipeX10 months ago
  • Yeah it would be cool if you could make preset skins cause when I do duos or squads or creative I’m changing my skin putting on a whole outfit and my friends be like rEaDy Up!

    Jayy FTWJayy FTW10 months ago
    • I’m from the future and there is presets

      It’s itukisiIt’s itukisi7 months ago
    • Yeah same

      ayzlxnayzlxn10 months ago
    • Yeah same i change skins alot so it would be so useful to save my combos!

      Danny FTWDanny FTW10 months ago
  • Yes a new upload. This stuff is good to know thx :)

    Tnk 21Tnk 2110 months ago
    • No problem! I'll be posting a video on everything new in tomorrows update! :D

      Danny FTWDanny FTW10 months ago
  • 7k giveaway

    Alexis LarkinsAlexis Larkins10 months ago