How To Find Ghost Ollie At Frenzy Farm & How To Find Shadow Ollie At Weeping Woods

Apr 9, 2020
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Find Ghost Ollie At Frenzy Farm And Find Shadow Ollie At Weeping Woods Location, New Styles For Skye In Fortnite Unlocked!
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This video is Family Friendly and contains no swearing

  • What's everyone choosing? Ghost Or Shadow?! I was pretty much 50/50 Both are really good!

    Danny FTWDanny FTW7 months ago
    • Same as me

      Viviana AlvarezViviana Alvarez2 months ago
    • @Danny FTW ةة

      rayyan althaherrayyan althaher3 months ago
    • Do you have any idea that the gddhgddbdvdndhd

      Lexie CannonLexie Cannon3 months ago
    • @MaxTheCrafter 210 e

      Lexie CannonLexie Cannon3 months ago
    • Ghost

      poopy monsterpoopy monster4 months ago
  • Rip frenzy farm

    Kaylee MionKaylee Mion23 days ago
  • Love your vids keep the good work up 😁

    Miss BeauchampMiss BeauchampMonth ago
  • I got shadow sky👍

    Paul StrettonPaul StrettonMonth ago
  • I chose shadow

    EJ EEJ E3 months ago
  • I liked ghost all my spies are all ghosts

    Skyblockplayz ROBLOXSkyblockplayz ROBLOX3 months ago
  • My brother got all shadow I was sad

    Mohamed AlmaghrabiMohamed Almaghrabi3 months ago
  • Ghost

    Emily BrowneEmily Browne3 months ago
  • I chose shadow

    LittleRockYtLittleRockYt3 months ago
  • Sado

    Nadeen Mohammad Mustafa MohammadNadeen Mohammad Mustafa Mohammad3 months ago
  • I have shedow SKYE bekuze i got evry skin in the batlle pas ghost

    Suzana Ursić ŽunićSuzana Ursić Žunić4 months ago
  • I got ghost

    Caleb ParkCaleb Park4 months ago
  • Get Shadow sky

    Mistty BighamMistty Bigham4 months ago
  • op this might be a hack ANA OOP

    Destiny SotoDestiny Soto4 months ago
  • Ghost

    Caleb ParkCaleb Park4 months ago
  • Do a video of your face reveal

    dressy williamsdressy williams4 months ago
  • Sado

    Nadeen Mohammad Mustafa MohammadNadeen Mohammad Mustafa Mohammad5 months ago
  • Shadow Brutus Shadow Tntina Shadow Meowscles Ghost Skye Ghost Midas

    Rocking Rayyan HamidRocking Rayyan Hamid5 months ago
  • I hove shado

    Leonardo JoyaLeonardo Joya5 months ago
  • I chose ghost

    Caleb ParkCaleb Park5 months ago
  • Shadow

    Alina A. TromleyAlina A. Tromley5 months ago
  • Im chosing shadow

    anj saiyadanj saiyad5 months ago
  • Ghost

    Jude KayJude Kay5 months ago
  • Thank you bro and I chose shadow

    •jack ••jack •5 months ago
  • Ghost

    Rashed AlmansooriRashed Almansoori5 months ago
  • Hi

    Alyssa RubiAlyssa Rubi5 months ago
  • I want to ghost

    Needs 10 million subscribersNeeds 10 million subscribers5 months ago
  • I chose shadow skye

    Dixie FreemanDixie Freeman5 months ago
  • I prefer a shadow

    Gamer SamarGamer Samar5 months ago
  • Olieeeeeeeeeeeee

    noob squadnoob squad6 months ago
  • I'm on team ghost so ghost on everyone

    Nanci GaalNanci Gaal6 months ago
  • Shadow

    Abi CruzAbi Cruz6 months ago
  • I did ghost for all the bosses.

    Christian WarrenChristian Warren6 months ago
  • Ghot

    matthewplays YTmatthewplays YT6 months ago
  • This is way easier than the shadow all day on my other account thanks

    Tracy BordenTracy Borden6 months ago
  • I have shadow skye

    Kayleb GarvieKayleb Garvie6 months ago
  • I chose shadow

    Game GuyGame Guy6 months ago
  • Shadow

    Spence MyersSpence Myers6 months ago
  • Shadow offcourse

    ibrahim tharwatibrahim tharwat6 months ago
  • I like ghosts Skye better🙂

    Cool Gamer156Cool Gamer1566 months ago
  • Ghost ok

    Jaaden RomeroJaaden Romero6 months ago
  • Thx

    UsecodeQuixy -YTUsecodeQuixy -YT6 months ago
  • Gjos#

    Rebecca ReiserRebecca Reiser6 months ago
  • I can’t get it

    Aleesha OdenAleesha Oden6 months ago
    • Man you’re killing me your videos are so amazing man. Watching one single time I need to press hundred out of them that’s so crazy man you wanna join this one but this one is much getting the girls in the shadow that is so cool I mean I am your biggest fan OK not make me a judge OK I just like you so much landing at friends with farm OK

      Aya SmarthealthAya Smarthealth3 months ago
  • I chose ghost

    donald edwardsdonald edwards6 months ago
  • S

    major painmajor pain6 months ago
  • Shadows better

    Zain AhmedZain Ahmed6 months ago
  • Thank you

    my name is jeffmy name is jeff6 months ago
  • I choose shadow skye

    Harrys Big World Of FunHarrys Big World Of Fun6 months ago
  • Shadow

    Natalie DayNatalie Day6 months ago
  • My ghost four Sky

    Siobhan CallahanSiobhan Callahan6 months ago
  • Olie scared me when she or he ran

    Alex RojasAlex Rojas6 months ago
  • Gohst

    Alex RojasAlex Rojas6 months ago
  • I got her before you thanks for your help

    Troop LeadersTroop Leaders6 months ago
  • I have gost sky

    Karim TermosKarim Termos6 months ago
  • Ghost

    Marsha FadeleyMarsha Fadeley6 months ago
  • Ghost is easy

    TTVcassieTTVcassie6 months ago
  • Ski

    jude alkayedjude alkayed6 months ago
  • Ghost

    Talal_GamerBeasterTalal_GamerBeaster6 months ago
  • Showdow

    FfFf6 months ago
  • U know Ollie isn’t a girl and it is a boy XD

    thewaterninja's adventuresthewaterninja's adventures6 months ago
  • i chosed shawdow becase i have all shadow skins exept midas

    Cale AdkinsCale Adkins6 months ago
  • This helped thanks

    E260 YODOE260 YODO6 months ago
  • I chased shadow because I kinda don’t like green and more purple

    Jae leoneJae leone7 months ago
  • Ghost

    ashley bartonashley barton7 months ago
  • Ghost

    Ethan DahmEthan Dahm7 months ago
  • Thanks to you if chosen ghost because It is more colourful that Shadow

    Elizabeth Afton The real circus babyElizabeth Afton The real circus baby7 months ago
  • Ghost grreen

    The Ram Fam That familyThe Ram Fam That family7 months ago
  • 😍😍😚😍😍😍😚

    King OoferKing Oofer7 months ago
  • There all good epic games Danny fty

    King OoferKing Oofer7 months ago
  • Midas ghost

    King OoferKing Oofer7 months ago
  • Shadow

    Chanan RamChanan Ram7 months ago
  • Do I have to use Skye to do the challenge?? Someone pls tell me

    Twitch demonz16Twitch demonz167 months ago
  • I pict ghost

    Alexander OldhamAlexander Oldham7 months ago
  • Gost

    Y.L G.LY.L G.L7 months ago
  • I went with ghost because shadow wasn’t working with me do you keep running away and I couldn’t find them at the last one so I choose ghost which is I really liked

    Two Dudes and a CarTwo Dudes and a Car7 months ago
  • i like shodow

    jaxzilla 1234jaxzilla 12347 months ago
  • Shadow

    Sarah KhaledSarah Khaled7 months ago
  • Go host

    Sherry CoxSherry Cox7 months ago
  • Ghost

    Jenny HillJenny Hill7 months ago
  • Ghost

    e p i c o c a c ae p i c o c a c a7 months ago
  • Gost

    chief lasagnechief lasagne7 months ago
  • Shadow

    gsgs sfafsfsgsgs sfafsfs7 months ago
  • Shadow

    Dayana Deanarys Mesa PupoDayana Deanarys Mesa Pupo7 months ago
  • Perpul

    Baba BoyBaba Boy7 months ago
  • Hi am subcribe thx btw am shadow

    ninja dogsninja dogs7 months ago
  • Shado

    qwixqwix7 months ago
  • My shadow is keep runing away pls help me

    Hlupík VoeHlupík Voe7 months ago
  • I always choose ghost

    ツbrexztyツbrexzty7 months ago
    • Same I went with all ghost too

      Ya boi CatmanYa boi Catman4 months ago
  • MAd

    Abubakr SiddiqueAbubakr Siddique7 months ago
  • I side with ghost because ghost is the good team

    123LETSPLAYgameplayer !!123LETSPLAYgameplayer !!7 months ago
  • Send a friend request ot eesosweet79

    Brycen 667Brycen 6677 months ago
  • My fortnite username is jboogie-flowtime

    FORTNITEFORTNITE7 months ago
  • Ghost Skye I pick it like u

    Lazar ClanLazar Clan7 months ago
  • I choosed shadow I might choose shadow for midus I’m not sure

    Paul YoungPaul Young7 months ago
    • @Danny FTW yeah the original design already look like shadow im going to ghost in midas

      gameplayforever the beastgameplayforever the beast7 months ago
    • Shall I go for ghost or shadow for midus

      Paul YoungPaul Young7 months ago
    • Nice! I'm gonna choose Ghost for Midas because the suit is white and it looks less similar to the original than Shadow does i think but both are good again like this one!

      Danny FTWDanny FTW7 months ago
  • I chose shadow

    Tomgirl JaylaTomgirl Jayla7 months ago
    • Nice!

      Danny FTWDanny FTW7 months ago
  • I Choosing Shadow Becuase Is Nice Style

    Denis _FortniteDenis _Fortnite7 months ago
    • Yes Shadow is awesome aswell!

      Danny FTWDanny FTW7 months ago
  • Thank you again💪

    DomesticsDomestics7 months ago
    • No problem! This was the hardest choice for the style to choose so far i think!

      Danny FTWDanny FTW7 months ago
  • Can you gift me a skin please I love your help on the channel

    Ripley_ YoutubeRipley_ Youtube7 months ago
  • Ghost all the way dude

    Gavin1011 0Gavin1011 07 months ago
    • No problem I really like your content and you have helped me with a lot of missions on my account

      Gavin1011 0Gavin1011 07 months ago
    • @Gavin1011 0 No problem thanks a lot for checking out the video!

      Danny FTWDanny FTW7 months ago
    • Danny FTW thanks a lot for the comment I don’t usually get attention

      Gavin1011 0Gavin1011 07 months ago
    • Nice!

      Danny FTWDanny FTW7 months ago