I Called For Taxis In Fortnite And It Worked

Aug 7, 2020
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I used the new taxi emote in Fortnite to see if players would actually pick me up!
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This video is Family Friendly and contains no swearing


    Danny FTWDanny FTW3 months ago
    • We saved me wen i was goin Go get run over

      Adrien Pütz VoyeuxAdrien Pütz Voyeux26 days ago
    • 🙁😂

      Jayden RodriguezJayden Rodriguez2 months ago
    • Yes

      Taryn IrvineTaryn Irvine2 months ago
    • Admiral ax ,

      AlHanouf HazaaAlHanouf Hazaa3 months ago
    • I’m making good and Monica I sent move the kids I left today full picture

      AlHanouf HazaaAlHanouf Hazaa3 months ago
  • My siblings are really annoying and there very weird I’m telling y’all weird

    Yungdollaz playzYungdollaz playz16 days ago
  • 1,0000000

    Priya OsmanPriya Osman17 days ago
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    Wilard AgdeppaWilard AgdeppaMonth ago
  • 2021

    Wilard AgdeppaWilard AgdeppaMonth ago
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    Wilard AgdeppaWilard AgdeppaMonth ago
  • I like your show so much can you send me a friend request on go play fortnite Everyday naked play

    Cartier Banks 860Cartier Banks 860Month ago
  • Hey can you cuss in your shows

    Cartier Banks 860Cartier Banks 860Month ago
  • Don’t team because your game is like loading and you want to get banned

    manal karimmanal karimMonth ago
  • kit is jules best friend

    Mal RobertsMal RobertsMonth ago
  • Can you get me a skin plz

    J TrashJ Trash2 months ago
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    M I AM I A2 months ago
  • this is how many times he says oh wait (infinte times)

    Aryaman SinghAryaman Singh2 months ago
  • i was the quaman

  • 1q2

    Adam WoodhallAdam Woodhall2 months ago
  • Try and count how many times he says “Oh mY dAyS”

    Noah LieuuNoah Lieuu2 months ago
  • I thought they would run him over lol

    Raspberry Panda bearRaspberry Panda bear2 months ago
  • Hes so smart

    Alayna`s WorldAlayna`s World2 months ago
  • Been subbed since u were 100 subs stay and stay awesome

    PWR Kairav KrishnaPWR Kairav Krishna2 months ago
  • You very rude you killed that guy and he want to team up so I will not sub to you

    Omar CassiemOmar Cassiem2 months ago
  • I play on Xbox Too Can you Play with me plz I’m a fan

    Twitch_CandyツTwitch_Candyツ2 months ago
  • Domore

    Ver Alvarez1Ver Alvarez12 months ago
  • Love your videos

    Monica PrimeroMonica Primero2 months ago
  • 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗🏴‍☠️

    Mampe RachidiMampe Rachidi2 months ago
  • what how🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Addin 3679Addin 36792 months ago
  • How much times he said oh my days🤔🤔

    Vanessa CarrVanessa Carr3 months ago
  • So exited for midnight when season 14 comes out

    Weird LemurWeird Lemur3 months ago

    The ExploiterThe Exploiter3 months ago
  • Can you gift me the dance my epic is Youssef Salah1 capital

    Ttvyossef 287Ttvyossef 2873 months ago
    • K when it comes out my epic is ProFire640

      BRUH BRUHBRUH BRUH2 months ago
  • Do it again

    Yaran ArazYaran Araz3 months ago
  • You sound like kit from newscapepro

    Gaming With GabeGaming With Gabe3 months ago
  • I was the kit in fortnite

    Siddhant SahiSiddhant Sahi3 months ago
  • X

    Zayclap Boy I will clap youZayclap Boy I will clap you3 months ago
  • I wish i had fortnite on my android

    Chander PradhanChander Pradhan3 months ago
  • Oppp

    Chander PradhanChander Pradhan3 months ago
  • I love Danny Ftw

    Nick box UniverseNick box Universe3 months ago
  • Try to make a teammate in solo

    Casey DuprasCasey Dupras3 months ago
  • Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

    Neil 2Neil 23 months ago
  • hi

    joshua newburyjoshua newbury3 months ago
  • This is called *0% sweat*

    TheOriginal3RaizorTheOriginal3Raizor3 months ago
  • W wadv7Ofe.q ,

    Karelle DicaireKarelle Dicaire3 months ago
  • Dan ur my fav have a good one :)

    Jolene FrancisJolene Francis3 months ago
  • Hi Hi I'm one of your favorite USworldsrs just let you know

    Mikey IMikey I3 months ago
  • How do i get the emote??????

    fares ehabfares ehab3 months ago
  • you cane only get gold exp in a veecal

    kevin kasankevin kasan3 months ago
  • i haven’t seen the fortnite community this kind to each other since season

    J U I C E 6 O XJ U I C E 6 O X3 months ago
  • How did u get that emot

    Angela BoxAngela Box3 months ago
  • 😯😯😯

    chelsey hackettchelsey hackett3 months ago
  • That is cool

    chelsey hackettchelsey hackett3 months ago
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    Top 5 FortniteTop 5 Fortnite3 months ago

    Jen BreJen Bre3 months ago
  • Why would you let a bot kill you?

    JakeisWorst yesJakeisWorst yes3 months ago
  • Btw if you have a juicy skin on they would literally give you ride for free

    JakeisWorst yesJakeisWorst yes3 months ago
  • So funny😂

    SoloSolo3 months ago
  • Who is this? This isn’t Danny..... He sounds so different.

    swAy404swAy4043 months ago
  • So overpowered

    Khaled AL DUraibiKhaled AL DUraibi3 months ago
  • Hi bro how you doing

    garysheddengaryshedden3 months ago
  • Hey Danny I need your help with my USworlds channel can you give me some tips and add me on fortnight my user name is wild-dinosaur354

    Rex FowlerRex Fowler3 months ago
  • Ur so annoying

    Landin BillsLandin Bills3 months ago
  • How !

    Lamar KhojahLamar Khojah3 months ago
  • How how how how

  • The first one is kinda cute

    Shyne pantojaShyne pantoja3 months ago
  • Acennt is rash

    XBOX GAMER123XBOX GAMER1233 months ago
  • can i add you

    Parker ZurwellParker Zurwell3 months ago
  • its a pay too win

    Parker ZurwellParker Zurwell3 months ago
  • Danny if that is your real name why not try doing random boss challenge?

    Ariel WalkerAriel Walker3 months ago
  • What the heck Lol

    Michael BrigdenMichael Brigden3 months ago
  • Ygg

    Susan BroseSusan Brose3 months ago
  • This guy is the mrbeast of fortnite😁😄🤣😂

    Henry McHughHenry McHugh3 months ago
  • What emote would you do if you don’t have taxi emote

    Lukas WhaitesLukas Whaites3 months ago
  • Oh you have grown a LOT beacuse i watched you at 50k wow great work

    SprinklesSprinkles3 months ago

    Agnieszka MatysAgnieszka Matys3 months ago
  • I want a brand new skin

    Jakia KiaraBrenea DumasJakia KiaraBrenea Dumas3 months ago
  • I'm a kid but a won't to try

    Nate MountainchiefNate Mountainchief3 months ago
  • 3

    Alf Andre SteinsøyAlf Andre Steinsøy3 months ago
  • I miss u man u are the legend

    Viper Nate Fan WilliamsViper Nate Fan Williams3 months ago
  • Start with say hi ok all people do that

    Alex CedilloAlex Cedillo3 months ago
  • He is the best legend and he's back

    NRG realwolfNRG realwolf3 months ago
    • @NCS Yahya hello?

      mandeep virkmandeep virk3 months ago
    • Hello Mandeep Virk

      NCS YahyaNCS Yahya3 months ago
    • Ye

      mandeep virkmandeep virk3 months ago
    • Yea

      NCS YahyaNCS Yahya3 months ago
  • Who else is here from lazerbeams Shoutout

    DeadXAJDeadXAJ3 months ago
    • Me 😘😂😂

      Delfina VelazquezDelfina Velazquez3 months ago
  • Fortnite plz don't ban him

    Megan DarlingMegan Darling3 months ago
  • My fortnite name is curtman

    Curtis GrantCurtis Grant3 months ago
  • Meh taxei and other words are weird

    Skeptical OfMeSkeptical OfMe3 months ago
  • Hmm cool

    AmygdaliaAmygdalia3 months ago
  • Cool

    AmygdaliaAmygdalia3 months ago
  • Danny kit was me lol

    Xro FrankieXro Frankie3 months ago
  • Danny ftw I am so sorry I did not watch your videos I usually watch your videos on my tablet

    Jaequan JunorJaequan Junor3 months ago
  • Dude when he says "me" he says "meh"

    Iftikhar MhediIftikhar Mhedi3 months ago
    • Its an accent😂

      King MichaelKing Michael3 months ago
  • Hi can I have a heart

    Diego Ayala-LopezDiego Ayala-Lopez3 months ago
  • #FreeFrotnit

    Fishy GodFishy God3 months ago
  • If I see you again I will pick you up

    VCGVCG3 months ago
  • O7p6

    VCGVCG3 months ago
  • I did this and it really works I I I I I I I V

    Number1spyninja fanNumber1spyninja fan3 months ago
  • Oviosleh

    Gaia beatGaia beat3 months ago
  • He is eliminating meh

    Gaia beatGaia beat3 months ago
  • Add my cousin her name is tins0x

    Phelicia GamergirlPhelicia Gamergirl3 months ago
  • I want that emote!!!

    Chelsea SummersChelsea Summers3 months ago
  • I sow all the videos of your

    Rami Abou ibrahimRami Abou ibrahim3 months ago
  • Dont get ban

    Crew FisherCrew Fisher3 months ago
  • OMG

    Gh0ul1fyGh0ul1fy3 months ago
  • 1:14 WHY DID YOU ELIMINATE ME ANYWAY??!! I just wanted to be friends

    Morgan ZirateMorgan Zirate3 months ago
    • @Sprinkles no, it was a bot

      WizardaronWizardaron3 months ago
    • Oh was you the aquaman..

      SprinklesSprinkles3 months ago