I Eliminated All Fortnite BOSSES In One Game

Oct 30, 2020
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I Eliminated ALL Mythic Bosses in one game in Fortnite!
This challenge idea was inspired by Perfect Score!
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This video is Family Friendly and contains no swearing

  • Eliminating every mythic boss! This was not easy!! 😂 Who still hasn't eliminated Wolverine yet??

    Danny FTWDanny FTW25 days ago
    • WAW

    • And I got 1000vbucks for free

      Joyce JJoyce J2 days ago
    • I killed him 1 million times

      Joyce JJoyce J2 days ago
    • @Stephanie Millett what

      Cason PurcellCason Purcell2 days ago
    • Omg Omg Omg 😲

      Stephanie MillettStephanie Millett2 days ago
  • Wolverine has healing ability’s

    Ella GarnerElla Garner17 hours ago
  • Face reaval

    Abdallah GamerAbdallah Gamer18 hours ago
  • Wolverine can be in Slurpee swamp

    Rommy WangRommy Wang22 hours ago

    zaiyninator zdboyzaiyninator zdboyDay ago
  • Danny have ever gotten evry Mithics in one match ONLY i have

    zaiyninator zdboyzaiyninator zdboyDay ago
  • Question do you have visually sound effects on

    zaiyninator zdboyzaiyninator zdboyDay ago
  • I have

    zaiyninator zdboyzaiyninator zdboyDay ago
  • Danny ftw to find wolverine you have to go to settings and put visual Sound effects to find wolverine

    Donato EmigdioDonato Emigdio2 days ago
  • Ooooooooooooooooo

    فهد طلالفهد طلال3 days ago
  • S

    David HoskenDavid Hosken3 days ago
  • It’s easy for me to eliminate wolverine

    Camron BookerCamron Booker3 days ago
  • Love ur vids

    Zae AndZae And3 days ago
  • 500

    Jennifer DelawderJennifer Delawder4 days ago
  • The wolverine can be in Slurpee swamp

    Lily CoLily Co5 days ago

    Bloxxy16Bloxxy166 days ago
  • Dude... The persistence! Definitely worth a like and subscribe

    idkidk7 days ago
  • Me elite_sniperCB

    Leah DillmanLeah Dillman8 days ago
  • Big fan man 👨

    Gaming FamGaming Fam8 days ago
  • 👇🏻

    Dana BeckDana Beck8 days ago

    Dana BeckDana Beck8 days ago
  • Stop sine SAYS STOP 👇🏻

    Dana BeckDana Beck8 days ago
  • Wolverine is op Wolverine has 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 health

    Dana BeckDana Beck8 days ago
  • you skipping the lama

    Emil PerssonEmil Persson9 days ago
  • You can dass

    patricia davispatricia davis10 days ago
  • J

    patricia davispatricia davis10 days ago
  • You kill me

    MAS_ GAMER195MAS_ GAMER19510 days ago
  • 5:12

    C GC G11 days ago
  • Wolverine is So annoying

    Elianna HartElianna Hart12 days ago
  • You make me happy all the time

    Tyrese BennettTyrese Bennett12 days ago
  • Thank you for liking my comment Danny ftw I liked yours

    Raihan AtifRaihan Atif13 days ago
  • Who liked my comment well thanks for liking my comment

    Raihan AtifRaihan Atif13 days ago
  • Are you real

    Basma SalehBasma Saleh14 days ago
  • Wolf ring have 600

    shonnj Jasonshonnj Jason14 days ago
  • Dude ur so bad it takes u a million years to get every boss

    Marisa SullensMarisa Sullens14 days ago
  • Oh I Love This Video And I Want Midas To Come Back And His Drum Gum

    Ali_ PlayzAli_ Playz14 days ago
  • 11:49 sorry Danny FTW you nearly did it!

    Tameem SalehTameem Saleh15 days ago
  • Best part: Oh my days!

    Tameem SalehTameem Saleh15 days ago
  • You got wolwirn a Vic roy

    Speed AdamSpeed Adam15 days ago
  • Caliyah1087

    cornel thompsoncornel thompson15 days ago
  • I’ve always wondered what FTW means

    Soap Is KoolSoap Is Kool16 days ago
  • 11:45, 13:35, 14:40= F

    Juan Enrique DiazJuan Enrique Diaz16 days ago
    • 16:00 FINAL FIGHT

      Juan Enrique DiazJuan Enrique Diaz16 days ago
  • Bro love the hard work this must've taken u a long tike to make

    Epic TvEpic Tv16 days ago
  • Yooo I'm a fan please add me on Fornite

    Morgan GilbertMorgan Gilbert17 days ago
  • One cool method to eliminate Wolverine in Fortnite use 3 stairs and 2 walls and he will stay still

    Benny AlpizarBenny Alpizar17 days ago
  • It’s not wolverine it’s. The Gilogilo

    Patti StevensPatti Stevens17 days ago
  • I heard a heavy sniper shot when you shot the unibeam at doctor doom 9:19

    OffachimOffachim17 days ago
  • I love your videos and I like your word oh my days

    Manzoora ShaheenManzoora Shaheen18 days ago
  • OH MY DAYS!!

    Anne SwabyAnne Swaby18 days ago
  • I cant find wolverine

    Leticia AlanizLeticia Alaniz19 days ago
  • Ghio

    StormzStormz19 days ago
  • Great job on Eliminating wolverine at the end so good job :)👍🏼

    Mr. EPICMr. EPIC19 days ago
  • He said oh my days so much you can just say oh my gosh

    Super Kid ClairSuper Kid Clair19 days ago
  • Kirkuk باب باب باب باب

    Nour Ah منكم حمدNour Ah منكم حمد19 days ago
  • I have killed wolverine with my dad on Fortnite

    Policeman GamerPoliceman Gamer20 days ago
  • Why are you doing it so long😡😡😡😡😡😡

    Policeman GamerPoliceman Gamer20 days ago
  • Omg h so I have to get 3back to do this for me a pat on the side and I can I just go and eats and drink and eat and drink and I will be able to eat the whole meal in the 5th and I will

    Lj's SideLj's Side20 days ago
  • I did 100 times

    Emarius WrightEmarius Wright20 days ago
  • Guys can you pretend to be the Wolverine boss please?

    Cjpals Gamingpals Fortnite Marvel roleplaysCjpals Gamingpals Fortnite Marvel roleplays20 days ago
  • Dude I used to watch you back when you had like 4k subs and I go to your channel a bit later and you have like 200k lmao

    Kurtis HunterKurtis Hunter20 days ago
  • Danny do you have discord

    OffachimOffachim21 day ago
  • My step sisters name daisy

    OffachimOffachim21 day ago
  • Dude Danny can you add me on fortnite plz

    OffachimOffachim21 day ago
  • Add me cowbows 22

    monte bridgesmonte bridges21 day ago
  • üwüwüwü

    Semin TuticSemin Tutic22 days ago
  • Try to eat all boss guns

    jennifer sudberryjennifer sudberry22 days ago
  • W O A H !

    relix oworelix owo22 days ago
  • C

    Violeta ButeVioleta Bute22 days ago
  • Danny good job

    Nora RevillaNora Revilla22 days ago
  • oH MY dAyS

    Henry RalphHenry Ralph22 days ago
  • Ka1234567890 Qeof

    Kash ThomasKash Thomas22 days ago
  • Me

    Shaunagh MckeownShaunagh Mckeown22 days ago
  • 7:57 no you did mean to land on him

    Mides and skyeMides and skye22 days ago
  • 4:18 - Oh wow Danny, you got proper wrecked there hahaha

    Perfect ScorePerfect Score22 days ago
    • That was content

      zaiyninator zdboyzaiyninator zdboyDay ago
    • Danny make sure to be care ful from doctor doom 5:32

      OffachimOffachim21 day ago
    • Okkkk

      Giselle CorianoGiselle Coriano21 day ago
    • Seeing one of those is bad but when i seen 2 coming i knew i was done 😂

      Danny FTWDanny FTW22 days ago
    • Hi

      Ava Grace HunterAva Grace Hunter22 days ago
  • Hi

    Jordan LlewellynJordan Llewellyn23 days ago
  • Wolverine is bugged rn he has infinite hp I fought him in battle lab for 30 minutes and he never died.

    Jimmy NeutronJimmy Neutron23 days ago
  • His graphics: 🗑

    Jeremy PierceJeremy Pierce23 days ago
  • How many times he said “Oh my days” 👇

    Jeremy PierceJeremy Pierce23 days ago
  • .

    Maryjane RodriguezMaryjane Rodriguez23 days ago
  • Your my fav yt ber❤️☺️☺️

    y yy y23 days ago
  • Pls like my comment🙂

    Ike ByeIke Bye23 days ago
  • You are so funny

    Ike ByeIke Bye23 days ago
  • I eliminated wolverine

    Brady GreenBrady Green23 days ago
  • Meow

    LswuaLswua23 days ago
  • Umm noughtenughpoing do a gta vid on ur other channel

    gammingwithdejaungammingwithdejaun23 days ago
  • Bruh

    budster gaming landbudster gaming land23 days ago
  • Best USworldsr

    Mojtaba SafaviMojtaba Safavi23 days ago
  • Ayden

    Nisha BNisha B23 days ago
  • The henchmen in the begging was like ya dead budy

    Mustafa KhokharMustafa Khokhar23 days ago
  • You really love saying " OH MY DAYS"

    Guivens Jean-BaptisteGuivens Jean-Baptiste24 days ago
    • Yeah

      TGM Emi89TGM Emi893 days ago
  • I’ve elliminated the 4 bosses

  • I have killed him

    Juancarlos GarciaJuancarlos Garcia24 days ago
  • Me too

    Brian ShookBrian Shook24 days ago
  • Wolverine is so OP man i think he has 900 health

    Salim BeggSalim Begg24 days ago
  • I like how he just barely slapped him with his claw it was so funny and perfect

    Modern YTModern YT24 days ago
  • Way you need ammo to defeat wolverine

    Nicole VasquezNicole Vasquez24 days ago
  • Most of the time I beat wolverine

    Brian ParkerBrian Parker24 days ago

    JoelTheBeast 78JoelTheBeast 7824 days ago
  • BRO He has 600 health BRO!

    Israel RodriguezIsrael Rodriguez24 days ago
  • Franklin

    Frank FrankFrank Frank24 days ago