I Pretended To Be ALL BOSSES In Fortnite

May 12, 2020
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The RANDOM Pretend To Be Boss Challenge In Fortnite!
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This video is Family Friendly and contains no swearing


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  • Maybe you should pretend to be a Hechman

    Wilfredo GarciaWilfredo Garcia11 hours ago
  • I love the part 4:24 that a henchman protect danny

    Juan Pedro GarzaJuan Pedro Garza2 days ago
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    Charalampos XiourouppasCharalampos Xiourouppas11 days ago
  • Tue guy who was continuously jumping off the stairs was a bot

    vanisha lalvanisha lal14 days ago

    Juju NalaprayaJuju Nalapraya15 days ago

    SkillySkilly16 days ago
  • More bosses he’s right

    Wavvvy BabbbyWavvvy Babbby16 days ago
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  • Who is here because of lazarbeam

    BlackBlack18 days ago
  • Hi I love yours vids 💓

    Mia MarquezMia Marquez19 days ago
  • Its not them its him dumb fuck

    Ivona RakIvona Rak21 day ago
  • 2:40 he lost health by that guy he is a hacker

    Krythic PankaceKrythic Pankace21 day ago
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    Dj SimmyDj Simmy22 days ago
  • Logan get on let’s play together

    Faisal NezarFaisal Nezar25 days ago
  • Can I add you on fortnight my name is Faisalco933My user name in Fortnite

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  • Doing everything the bus wow that’s awesome are you OK OK cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool so much cool now I got to go peace time watching your video right now Time is up so I’m watching videos right now

  • i am in seson 4,!

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  • you say oh my days all day pls stop

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    Kaydinn AnsleyKaydinn AnsleyMonth ago

    Kaydinn AnsleyKaydinn AnsleyMonth ago
  • If you saw that his health got down I don't know how in my on manuals Park

    Erik Funes DiazErik Funes DiazMonth ago
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    Cal kids WorldCal kids WorldMonth ago
  • oh my days!!!! that is anoying

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    Vikesh's history and gamingVikesh's history and gamingMonth ago
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    Lyssa MannerLyssa MannerMonth ago
  • no way

    JeVeon Alvarado AllenJeVeon Alvarado AllenMonth ago
  • Pretend to be old bosses and season 3 bosses

    Sjoebidoe1Sjoebidoe1Month ago
  • Faunna

    Nicholas HnamteNicholas HnamteMonth ago
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    Elizabeth E LopezElizabeth E LopezMonth ago
  • لاالمههعنكةعس.

    E yad AlmehmadiE yad AlmehmadiMonth ago
  • 2:41 from where you get damage

    hashem TVhashem TVMonth ago
  • I was in it when he did skye the second time when off camera he killed me and got the vic roy

    Georgia WilliamsGeorgia WilliamsMonth ago
  • i want a dount boss aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Diana NohiraDiana NohiraMonth ago
  • how did midas survived the rpg my danny ftw did get elimination

    peacefuldesirespeacefuldesiresMonth ago
  • Why is their name like a bot

    Nakeya ShawNakeya ShawMonth ago
  • Deadpool

    Hidi MorrizzeyHidi MorrizzeyMonth ago
  • hi

    jose nunezjose nunez2 months ago
  • Fuck y bitcch

    Annahmari BroomeAnnahmari Broome2 months ago
  • This is how many times he says “oh my days” | | | V

    RobloxToxi_n - RobloxRobloxToxi_n - Roblox2 months ago
  • ،😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 I don't know what this I don't know I don't know what is this is Guy man I don't know I don't love him all his video not I love to love this video

    Momo ElezabyMomo Elezaby2 months ago
  • يعني ايه بالضبط مش فاهم

    Momo ElezabyMomo Elezaby2 months ago
  • I’ve learn if your Midas the shadows will protect you

    YT_Rockyvlogs609YT_Rockyvlogs6092 months ago
  • What about you do you I work and you should be all the bosses like this one but in season two chapter chapter 4

    Jeremiah WilmerJeremiah Wilmer2 months ago
  • You should Burton to be she hulk

    Jeremiah WilmerJeremiah Wilmer2 months ago
  • I really miss midas

    Rynee AishaRynee Aisha2 months ago
  • i. No

    Rose HaywoodRose Haywood2 months ago
  • There's going to be more boss at season 4 and sky have to chill

    Amazing guy147Amazing guy1472 months ago
  • Hi Threrere

    S4MUR41S4MUR412 months ago
  • It seems that every eliminate I’d a player cind of sis

    Kristi MillerKristi Miller2 months ago
  • Your on. Xbox

    Farah NFarah N2 months ago
  • 2:40 shiled crack

    GRUP 66GRUP 662 months ago
  • 2:16 it looked like he eliminated meowcles in on shot

    Aaron CampanaAaron Campana2 months ago
  • Can u i meant

    Anthoney ramirezAnthoney ramirez2 months ago
  • Nice vids bro can I add me

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  • My username is potato girl and Beast I'm a boy playing on a girl account but just friend me on either one I don't care

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  • Like if kit comment if meowscles

    OaksForPax YTOaksForPax YT2 months ago
  • this is how many times he says all my days 👇🏻

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    BoxingGeek213BoxingGeek2132 months ago
  • How many times did he say oh my days

    Magic TurtelplayzMagic Turtelplayz2 months ago
  • As much as I wanted him to eliminate the opponent a lot of times, I still enjoyed the video!!!

    CrowCrow2 months ago
  • hi

    Nonprofit OrganizationNonprofit Organization2 months ago
  • The first skye one I was in that game and died from a midas

    Yareth RamirezYareth Ramirez2 months ago
  • Can I get the skin deadpool

    JR GARCIAJR GARCIA2 months ago
  • This is how many people are from Lazarbeam 👇

    DR KLEPDR KLEP2 months ago
  • How do you like fortnight boy looks like it’s good because it’s avengers your name

    Aamari McClainAamari McClain2 months ago
  • If you're not the henchman he he can't shoot

    Darketa ThompkinsDarketa Thompkins2 months ago
  • Well done hehe

    tracey finkletracey finkle2 months ago
  • Boy if it was 3months ago that was in season 3 it’s season 4 right now

    Just no one FamousJust no one Famous2 months ago
  • Somethings out no please find things funny funny funny

    Michael LopezMichael Lopez2 months ago
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    Michael LopezMichael Lopez2 months ago
  • i miss season 2

    Layla ChristopherLayla Christopher2 months ago
  • Shot the players

    Stephanie LeyvaStephanie Leyva2 months ago
  • I love this you tuber

    Stephanie LeyvaStephanie Leyva2 months ago
  • How did he not get killed as Deadpool

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  • Idk do meowcilcs

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    • He is my favorite

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  • Danny ftw and me: Oh my days

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  • He said it 51 times

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  • No not meowsceles!😭

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