I Pretended To Be BOSS Deadpool In Fortnite

Apr 21, 2020
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I went to Deadpools location at The Yacht in Fortnite and pretended
to be the real Deadpool boss to see how players would react!
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This video is Family Friendly and contains no swearing

  • I Hope you all enjoy this newest one in the pretending to be boss series!! :D (All Pretending To Be Boss Videos On The Channel usworlds.info/net/PL2g5ULN1GUp_EZGTjBclZvyBZho1LUoye.html )

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  • you should pretend to be irn man Boss

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    James HarrisonJames Harrison29 days ago
  • I was he one breaking the metal floor

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  • Can you do a Brutus one

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  • Your not suspicious though so they know your not the boss

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  • Do a video where you pretend to be meowscles in catty corner

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  • I got someone killed in fortnite cause someone was desquised as a ghost henchmen trying to take out midas and I shot them from a floor at the agency

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  • Deadpool has good weapon so kill him so fast and you want to have the double pistol and you will have the key card and go to sky zone then you will have the grappler and key card to open the vault and the golden legendary scar on the bottle

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  • Yall dont do it properly your supposed to change ur name to the bosses name

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  • 2:11 make it RAIN

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  • 1👍🏻=him saying all my days x10 Also I want epic games to add phonebooths where you turn into bosses

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  • U guys realized that no one in his games actually has a name not even the bosses they are are player 273

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  • With Justice League snyder cut officially happening next year in 2021 maybe we could get more DC Skins like superman or Wonder Woman or flash or something cool! Honestly I want more DC and Marvel Skins!!

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  • Try to take out the red Deadpool and pretend to be the white Deadpool

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  • If you want to be deadpool if they are a hench men don't shoot until they shoot you

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  • They should make a Agent Peely boss. His weapon would be the Kingsman.

    E.T. O.W.E.T. O.W.6 months ago
    • E.T. O.W. Peely’s Kingsman and it would do more damage than a normal kingsman like 60 or 75

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  • the duel pistols have a siphon effect did you know that?

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  • This guy does them right because he drops the other guns he's got so he doesn't get caught.

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