I Pretended To Be BOSS Dr Doom In Fortnite

Sep 3, 2020
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I went to Dr Dooms location at Dooms Domain in Fortnite and pretended
to be the real Dr Doom boss to see how players would react!
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This video is Family Friendly and contains no swearing

  • Pretending to be boss is BACK!!! 😃

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  • why did you do this to yourself, this is the most difficult thing you've done in your life

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  • 1:08 I was laughing so hard, those kind of people are so cute!!!

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  • All the person that got killed was probably raging like crazy😂 this is the most funniest video♥️

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  • This video made me laugh🤣

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  • Pretend to be boss wolverine

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  • Danny FTW Wolverine is So hard to Kill

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  • I have Doctor Doom and I actually won the game using only the mystic bomb and the arcane gauntlets! I gotta be a high level to get Iron Man, which stinks.

    Nicole ShuffNicole Shuff2 months ago
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  • My mum: Hey Victor, stop playing fortnite. Me in green cloak and metal mask: When I stop playing fortnite, there is no Victor, there is only Doom.

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  • 9:42 this proves for Nexiph that Boogie Bombs affect Henchmen and Bosses (A.I.)

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  • i see dr. doom is using an emote inside the house

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  • It’s so hard because there’s only one boss right now. Hopefully more to come. I hate going into Doom’s house because it’s always on fire.

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    • Yeah i agree!!

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  • I don’t think dr doom uses the default pick axe he uses his own

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  • 😂 it said on fortnite when I tried to element doom it said element by dannyftw

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