I Pretended To Be BOSS Kit In Fortnite

Jun 18, 2020
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I went to Kits new location at Catty Corner in Fortnite and pretended to be the real boss Kit to see how players would react!
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This video is Family Friendly and contains no swearing


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    • Cars in Fortnite

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  • Kit

    Kyan DickersonKyan Dickerson5 days ago
  • Portend to be boss wolverine

    Michael LarizaMichael Lariza7 days ago
  • Bro I wake up it says one second. Ago

    Muhammad ShahidMuhammad Shahid23 days ago
    • But

      Muhammad ShahidMuhammad Shahid23 days ago
  • even in his video the henchman says what the F***

    Admiral axAdmiral axMonth ago
  • does anyone remember the henchman at catty that said the f word they'd say what the f***

    Admiral axAdmiral axMonth ago
    • Hi you Doing

      Moneybagz ThomasMoneybagz Thomas12 days ago
  • We all like you Danny you make best videos

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  • I’m a kitty kitty kitty I LOVE CATS!

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  • where is the season 4 videos

    NadsNads2 months ago
  • Ikr

    Diane HollandDiane Holland2 months ago
  • This is easy to know it’s you You don’t make noise Your hand never moves And would have a mark on his head

    Dynamic SteelplayzDynamic Steelplayz2 months ago
  • All the mystic weapons 00 you and keep the cats you’re you’re pretending to be now now so take her message gun and the little card and candy Corona and Jules and ocean and take all their key cards that polish key card ocean is key card and Jules key card everything also there is it going oh is it is Mrs Khan and take kit is missing done and that whole message and kind

    Hussein RHussein R2 months ago
  • Why season 3 the best?

    Kerry HaighKerry Haigh3 months ago
  • Did you know kitbash can say the f word>:(

    Mike BuckloMike Bucklo3 months ago
  • im a kitty kitty if u anyying me im gonna strath

    Mini crewmaterMini crewmater3 months ago
  • N)n)j

    Kady BestKady Best3 months ago
  • Kit is Meowsle’s son!

    Nicole ShuffNicole Shuff3 months ago
  • yeah kit is too cute

    MeowclesMeowcles3 months ago
  • I relised that dannyftw killed me

    Julio SantosJulio Santos3 months ago
  • Shut up with crazy

    Ricardo JosephRicardo Joseph3 months ago
  • You are pro

    IkonikIkonik3 months ago
  • Kewl cit Kat giv a doge a bon (Translation: Cool kit cat give a dog a bone

    Bear BoiBear Boi3 months ago
  • Season 3 is awesome

    Laura CroweLaura Crowe3 months ago
  • Why dose it keep on saying when he kills someone??

    O TabO Tab3 months ago
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  • My mom: hi daughter please go get me water ((me)) No ((song)) your daughter hates you- my mom: WHAAAaaaa

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  • No it's not I only like kit I mis sky, midas, bruts mawsclse, TnTnenot deadpool is they eny more agents

    Amy HobsonAmy Hobson4 months ago
  • Bro Meowsouls is Dad kit dad

    Jeremiah WilmerJeremiah Wilmer4 months ago
  • It’s Approved the boss can Launch people somehow

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  • Jou AR so gud

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  • Hello Danny FTW main name is safwan zeroual

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  • My user name on fortnight is warlord 1639

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  • Can you please add me on fortnite my name is leo_4rd10

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  • I WANT THE BATTLE PASS BUT CANT GET IT username MutiBlackMan66

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  • Danny can u buy me the swins from fornite do u have lots wins i do becuse i am phone player add plz danny

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  • In 4:03 I was super triggered you did not get the legendary chest

    Violet CrystalViolet Crystal4 months ago
  • Season es buuuu

    Edgar PuenteEdgar Puente4 months ago
  • I call kits blast launcher The Yeet launcher

    Amy FordAmy Ford4 months ago
  • Kill uhhhh imean win

    Tom GallacherTom Gallacher4 months ago
  • Kit is my favorite boss and skin like my comment if you agree with me

    Junior CulverJunior Culver4 months ago
  • Pickaxe the three bosses in all one game

    Liam GarthwaiteLiam Garthwaite4 months ago
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  • 5:58-6:17 70 to 101?

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  • I Love your tshael

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  • Cool bro like your videos

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  • Can I have a skin on fortnite my name is kyimay I play on a

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  • Can you please give me the battle passThe reason why is because I don’t have any skins I only have the default skin

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  • Next video: I'm gonna pretend to be meowscles in kit's base

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    • Are you trying to mock me

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  • Where my user name in Fortnite is flash 13 C

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  • S3 is meowsome

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  • I make that the best I the your idol and my mom I will pray you have the chance I love ❤️ I am so sorry 😐 I am so happy 😁 I am your not your gonna is my mom you are going back in my house 🏡

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  • Jules is not midas daughter midas I team ghost and Jules is team shadow

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  • Danny FTW your right this season is awsomw

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  • Jules is my fav rout boss

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  • i really like your vids and are you a controller player? your the best. :)

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  • Danny: what's wrong with the trees me: they added fire.

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    • Fire!

      Can I get 1,500 subs with 2 vidsCan I get 1,500 subs with 2 vids4 months ago
    • Fire!

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  • Can you pretend to be the boss ocean @ the fortilla

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  • He Has kit's accent so its more believeåble

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  • I'm a big fan your a great USworldsr I'm trying to be a good USworldsr and maybe pass you one day

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  • I dare you to count every time he says OH MY DAYS

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  • You’re the best

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  • Yes

  • Sky and meowcels had a baby kit😁, then kit got hurt😭, so jues made a robot body for kit😁.

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    • Then jues made a robot so kit couldn't get hurt

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