I Pretended To Be BOSS Skye In Fortnite

Apr 16, 2020
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I went to Skyes new location at the Shark Prison in Fortnite and pretended
to be the real Ghost Skye boss to see how players would react!
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Fortnite Secret Vault Is OPENING! Skye Joins GHOST!
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This video is Family Friendly and contains no swearing

  • Pretending to be Boss Skye at the new Shark Prison location in Fortnite! Hope you guys enjoy! :D (All Pretending To Be Boss Videos On The Channel usworlds.info/net/PL2g5ULN1GUp_EZGTjBclZvyBZho1LUoye.html )

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  • Skye: Hey Aquaman Why you destroy my location aquaman: im know skye so im flooded the water tsunami now you got no location

    SaturnDarkRamirezFortniteSaturnDarkRamirezFortnite2 months ago
    • And Why The Skye Is No More Location On Chapter 2 Season 3 The Shark Destroy And Flooded Water Level

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