New Christmas Update Coming To Fortnite! (Chapter 2 Extended)

Nov 21, 2019

Heres Why Chapter 2 in Fortnite got extended
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    Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
    • Danny FTW can you win twice

      Cool-JCool-JYear ago
    • Could you add my epic its kheffernan504

      LxquidLxquidYear ago
    • @Jayy FTW It would be good if it was green rarity!

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
    • Idk it depends on how much vbucks I have by the time it comes

      Jayy FTWJayy FTWYear ago
    • @Azzar27 Same that would be amazing! I hope the new Fishstick gets more styles that would be really cool!

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
  • 7kGiveaway

    dragonhead889dragonhead88911 months ago
  • 7k giveaway

    dragonhead889dragonhead88911 months ago
  • Keep up the good work Danny, Im so glad it's been extended! Should be great PSN: proshots944

    deadly549deadly549Year ago
  • Can you add me ? Xbox: xD ColorWolf I just subscribed to your channel and i really enjoy your videos ! Keep up good work ^3^

    MesoMesoYear ago
  • 7k giveaway love the content always cheers me up after I watch u

    Parker RattrayParker RattrayYear ago
    • Thanks dude i really appreciate it that's amazing to hear!

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
  • Sorry I’m late but I’m glad your back. 7k giveaway Username: unclejaxs432v3

    Tnk 21Tnk 21Year ago
    • Thanks it's good to be back! :D

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
  • #7kgiveaway Epic:TL_GoldzTTV You have me added Did you gift me anything. ( sorry if that sounded rude )

    GoofyLocksGoofyLocksYear ago
    • Okay next shop, can you gift me something that is 500. I don't care what it is

      GoofyLocksGoofyLocksYear ago
    • When something comes on the shop that you want just comment and i will! You won 500! :D

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
  • I am already tier 100 ,i dont even know what to do :(

    Alin PanaitAlin PanaitYear ago
    • Yeah we need something new soon!

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
  • 7k Giveaway L4Y3_Noob I would be surprised if I win again

    Ñœtrën HetÑœtrën HetYear ago
  • Thanks for gifting me the glyphic emote Danny I appreciate it :)

    Ñœtrën HetÑœtrën HetYear ago
    • No problem! :D

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
  • Im glad they extended it cuz due to school/tests i havent really been able to play as much. 7kGiveaway btw!

    Edna PedrazaEdna PedrazaYear ago
    • That's awesome then dude hopefully you can make it to tier 100!

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
  • Wow that’s the first time I’ve ever seen you miss a snipe lol 😂

    Jayy FTWJayy FTWYear ago
    • lol!

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
  • Only 360p? Is this what it's like to be early?

    Andrew StarwarsfanAndrew StarwarsfanYear ago
    • Yes! lol

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
  • I can’t believe it’s extended for 2 months longer, it feels like it’s been out for so long

    Code CringeyCode CringeyYear ago
    • Yeah and the extension is nearly as long as a season

      Falafel warriorFalafel warrior11 months ago
    • Same! I hope there's still gonna be another battle pass or something just as big!

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago