Nov 28, 2019
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All Season Chapter 2 Challenges Required For The Secret Sorana Skin 100% Completed in Fortnite!
Completing the final week of challenges Dive and unlocking the brand new secret skin Sorana and showcasing back blings and emotes with the Sorana skin
We are doing a giveaway on the channel at 7000 Subscribers, To enter just comment 7kGiveaway and your epic name and i will be choosing winners that i will be gifting skins to from the Item shop once we reach 7000 Subscribers!

  • Who's just unlocked the new Sorana skin?! (How to unlock all secret styles and pickaxe and back bling for Sorana! usworlds.info/slow/video/YqqMhGqyhn2ddmo

    Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
    • And toilet thing for white

      baby yodababy yodaYear ago
    • U have to jump in dumpster for green

      baby yodababy yodaYear ago
    • @Samuel Sánchez Thanks for the comment! I realised shortly after uploading that there were secret styles so i posted a new video on how to get them all! :D

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
    • Pickaxe on the tallest mountain beside th gas tanks

      Samuel SánchezSamuel SánchezYear ago
    • Backbling is near steamy stacks on the top corner in the beach beside a rock

      Samuel SánchezSamuel SánchezYear ago
  • I got the skin and the backbling and the pickaxes

  • #7kgiveway

    Peter RichardsonPeter RichardsonYear ago
  • You helped me unlock it

    chad4lifechad4lifeYear ago
  • I have all the styles completed just go to my Chanel and comment and add me at wtb_jeff and I'll help u with the green and white style and back bling and more

    Herlinda CortesHerlinda CortesYear ago
  • What a scam. We have to wait but at least it is a good skin Edit: you can do it without the loading screen. Just search it up on USworlds

    Tnk 21Tnk 21Year ago
    • I just made a video on how to unlock everything! :D

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
  • 7kgiveaway

    Andrea CarusoAndrea CarusoYear ago
  • That’s a really nice skin tho

    Jayy FTWJayy FTWYear ago
    • Yeah it's pretty good! :D

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
  • I need help with my challenges with the fortnite letters and with all the other challenges I didn’t complete one! :/

    Jayy FTWJayy FTWYear ago
    • @Jayy FTW No problem! Thanks you too!

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
    • Danny FTW k thanks happy thanksgiving btw

      Jayy FTWJayy FTWYear ago
    • @Jayy FTW Once you almost complete a set of challenges so let's say Dockyard Deal and then you will finally get the hidden letter challenge and then from there take a look at the loading screen and figure out where it is and go there in game and collect it but if you're too stuck then just search it up on USworlds and there are plenty of guides on all the Locations!

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
    • Danny FTW I cant find the fortnite Letters and I didn’t finish any of the challenges

      Jayy FTWJayy FTWYear ago
    • Damn which ones are you stuck on?

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
  • This skin definitely isn’t the worst but definitely not the best secret skin.

    Azzar27Azzar27Year ago
    • Yeah i would say Singularity is the best one!

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago
  • Hi Danny

    Faze_ ZestyFaze_ ZestyYear ago
    • Hello!

      Danny FTWDanny FTWYear ago