What's Happened To Meowscles After The DEADPOOL Takeover In Fortnite?

Apr 3, 2020
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This video is Family Friendly and contains no swearing

  • Meowscles is still here in Fortnite!! Go check out this new video! I pretended to be Boss Meowscles in Fortnite! usworlds.info/slow/video/gqamkYuWjJmNooM

    Danny FTWDanny FTW7 months ago
    • Can you please give me Deadpool Raven because I'm still playing on default scan

      Malik JonesMalik Jones14 days ago
    • Clickbait

      Lama The GamerXDLama The GamerXD2 months ago
    • Thx for the idea tho

      Iconic DickersonIconic Dickerson7 months ago
    • That鈥檚 the easiest to pretend lol

      Iconic DickersonIconic Dickerson7 months ago
    • You can use this card at the deadpool yatch trost me i am try it and its worked

      elahe tajikelahe tajik7 months ago
  • maaan I really miss ch2 s 2

    Rasheed AbdulwahabRasheed Abdulwahab26 days ago
  • Why :(

    Shadow MeowsclesShadow MeowsclesMonth ago
  • Sad cat sounds

    BulbasuarBulbasuar2 months ago
  • Clickbait

    Lama The GamerXDLama The GamerXD2 months ago
  • That types Player356 not meow

    Lama The GamerXDLama The GamerXD2 months ago
  • The card goes to the yacht

    Game & Video BrosGame & Video Bros2 months ago
  • Meow schools keycard leads to the yacht what Deadpool is

    fortnite armmyfortnite armmy2 months ago
  • Wsssssssssss

    Bran2TheDonBran2TheDon3 months ago
  • i hate deadpool

    Zakaria genemoZakaria genemo3 months ago
  • I actually chose ghost meowscles

    Kenneth JacksonKenneth Jackson3 months ago
  • He cries because his whole boat is now taken by a enemy called bloody deadpool

    Qerato_ RobloxQerato_ Roblox3 months ago
  • 1 like one slap to Deadpool and get meowscles is gonna be happy 馃槉

    Meme king Meme queenMeme king Meme queen3 months ago
  • Ejgewoqbeqorbswiqjqr

    JackJack3 months ago
  • Uhh

    Lisa StewartLisa Stewart4 months ago
  • wait maybe the keycard that meowcles dropped and where it lead you is for next season

    luv babyluv baby4 months ago
  • Why did it say player 馃

    Bendy_113Bendy_1134 months ago
  • Catty corner

    Chemical ErrorChemical Error4 months ago

    David DoddDavid Dodd4 months ago
  • So nobody realizes that when you go to meowscles *SON'S* kit poi, you will see a table with a chair and a another chair with a booster seat, so obviously he's still alive, no need to overreact

    jake hallejake halle5 months ago
  • Poor weowsles

    Piggy park Theme park tycoon 2Piggy park Theme park tycoon 25 months ago
  • No more 馃槬馃槬馃槬

    ugly ???ugly ???5 months ago
  • Dead pool literally hijacked a yacht and kicked the owner off Not a beggar just wondering if anyone feels bad for him 1 like =10 people who love meowscles

    Indominus RexIndominus Rex5 months ago
  • You do realise meawsceles keycard is named yatch keycard

    Iggy GamingIggy Gaming5 months ago
  • His key card still at yacht

    Silver#25k#Rage OnealSilver#25k#Rage Oneal5 months ago
  • Well the keycard ix called yacht keycard so why uss it at agency can u read Sorry im just in a bad mood today

    jamyboi yjamyboi y5 months ago
  • Cool

    Victini CaptainVictini Captain5 months ago
  • There鈥檚 actually a secret vault on the side of a mountain at the bottom right side of the map

    Magic X1Magic X15 months ago
  • I think he鈥檚 crying cuz midas killed lynx

    Ark .-.Ark .-.5 months ago
  • his key goes to yacht

    perry the platypusperry the platypus5 months ago
  • u disguised as deadpool wow

    TekniqueTeknique5 months ago
  • That is the yacht keycard

    Joe BloggsJoe Bloggs5 months ago
  • meowcew was ghost before dead pool

    BOSSBlox GamingBOSSBlox Gaming5 months ago
  • i think that he is crying becuse lynx is dead

    脕sgeir J枚kull Hilmisson脕sgeir J枚kull Hilmisson6 months ago
  • Meowsecles and Midas might get revenge on deadpool

    Ninja MasterNinja Master6 months ago
    • Lol you stupid 馃槀 midas hired Deadpool in the yacht because midas himself killed lynx who is meowscles wife so meowscles became shadow

      Riptide WeirdnessRiptide WeirdnessDay ago
  • Deadpual馃槀馃ぃ2:54

    Brandon ramosBrandon ramos6 months ago
  • Poor meowscles he doesnt have any hencmen

    Noobiux EhNoobiux Eh6 months ago
  • I had a marvel commercial ;_;

    ii Sunfl酶wers iiii Sunfl酶wers ii6 months ago
  • that vault key is for the yacht

    Shaz YasinShaz Yasin6 months ago
  • Cats hate water and deadpool has pool water in his name

    Antrionette LewisAntrionette Lewis6 months ago
  • Could you please do a face reavl | | V 馃槥馃槥馃槥馃槥馃槥馃槥馃槥馃槥馃槥馃樀馃樀

    Steph Dun.Steph Dun.6 months ago
  • You can use the key card to open up the yacht fault

    Liam b99Liam b996 months ago
  • subscribe to Danny FTW

    Mythreyi ShastriMythreyi Shastri6 months ago
  • Justice for Moewscles!

    Husky2HuskyHusky2Husky6 months ago
  • #deadpoolyacht

    Yousef2020pro ProYousef2020pro Pro6 months ago
  • #ripmeowscles

    Yousef2020pro ProYousef2020pro Pro6 months ago

  • plot twist:meowsacles let deadpool borrow the yacht

    Daontez HodgesDaontez Hodges6 months ago
  • Nice

    Mazhar IqbalMazhar Iqbal6 months ago
  • Deadpool stole his yacht. Midas killed his crash.

    Dziki Go艂膮bDziki Go艂膮b6 months ago
  • Meowsclse drops a dooms day keycard

    Zachariah WilsonZachariah Wilson6 months ago
  • I fell so sorry for Meowscles.

    BonzoYeetBonzoYeet6 months ago
  • He's cring abet mads kill lingx

    stephanie candlestephanie candle6 months ago
  • He is actually crying because Midas killed lynx

    Ryan G2VRyan G2V6 months ago
  • Awe poor him

    Elizabeth AftonElizabeth Afton6 months ago
  • . . Jejejksmesld

    evelyn Tenczarevelyn Tenczar6 months ago
  • J

    Nick HannoushNick Hannoush6 months ago
  • Deadpool didn't kick meowscles from the yacht. Meowscles found out that his best friend Lynx got killed by Midas, that's why he is crying and hiding at the box factory, he was originally a ghost member team but he is wearing black sout which explains that he is now member of shadow... I might be wrong about some stuff don't roats me PLS

    No Longer In UseNo Longer In Use6 months ago
    • @Milan as I said I might be wrong but Midas has his own plans what to do and there is a possibility that Lynx found out about his plans and he had no choice but to kill her, in Midas's trailer about his room you can see Lynx's head on wall...

      No Longer In UseNo Longer In Use6 months ago
    • Lynx work for midas(in the season trailer). I think you saw that video but thats just a story that isnt true

      MilanMilan6 months ago
  • dude I'm crying because of how cute his skin is

    AkoztaAkozta6 months ago
  • Deadpool is hired by Midas to take over the yacht so meowscles changes teams

    mazmaz6 months ago
  • Im sorry meowscles... 馃槥

    TophatTophat6 months ago
  • meowscles is my fave charecter

    Savanna KhanSavanna Khan6 months ago
  • OMG

    Kevin JonesKevin Jones6 months ago
  • Lynx died to that鈥檚 why also lynx knew about the doomsday device and she liked a old character omega a dark outfit

    Angel D贸rameAngel D贸rame6 months ago
    • I knoooowwww I. Trying to say that midas killed lynx that鈥檚 why meowscles left

      Riptide WeirdnessRiptide WeirdnessDay ago
  • Nobody: Danny: The Agencehh

    YCNKhiiYCNKhii6 months ago
  • I still cant beleve my fav charekter my dear Meowscels Got kicked out in the middle of nowhere!

    zoja Klari膷zoja Klari膷6 months ago
    • Number 1 learn english number 2 he left not kicked because midas killed lynx the wife of meowscles wtffff

      Riptide WeirdnessRiptide WeirdnessDay ago
  • Thank you so much馃槻馃槻馃槻馃槻馃槻

    taylors story squadtaylors story squad6 months ago
  • Awww poor meowscles 馃槶

    meowclez _ playzmeowclez _ playz6 months ago
  • Meowscles is still in the fortnite map Caption : my asshole is steal in the fortnight map

    DD 5DD 56 months ago
  • Yas

    Florian TanasescuFlorian Tanasescu6 months ago
  • He was forced to be shadow

    ranboysome1112 ?ranboysome1112 ?6 months ago
    • Probably

      ranboysome1112 ?ranboysome1112 ?6 months ago
  • Midas killed Lynx so meowscles switched to shadow

    MysticalMystical6 months ago
  • If grotto changed because shadow got more votes that must have something to do with the season 2 trailer "you decide the fate of the island"

    hghhjnheurj bdhxici3bbrhghhjnheurj bdhxici3bbr6 months ago
  • it's a yacht keycard

    Sangeeta PanchalSangeeta Panchal6 months ago
  • Can we get an F in the chat for Meowscles he's going through some hard times

    Beef BossBeef Boss6 months ago
    • TheXxeminole66 he鈥檚 a 41 year old man who likes lynx who is 16 I THINK IM GETTIN ON TO SOMETHING HERE

      KougamiKougami6 months ago
  • Meowscle was a player not a bot at the beggining

  • The meowscles keycard opens the yacht

    Brandon WhitmarshBrandon Whitmarsh6 months ago
  • bruh the the vault is at the yacht where deadpool is duh

    Akaashi KeijiAkaashi Keiji6 months ago
  • Everyone: We love dead pool! Dead pool: *yeets meowscles our of his own boat* Everyone: That ain鈥檛 cool Deadpool!

    Riana PatelRiana Patel6 months ago
    • No he didnt

      Riptide WeirdnessRiptide WeirdnessDay ago
  • It s to kill deadpool the yacht

    XX_FlynnAppsXX_FlynnApps6 months ago
  • I went in Shadow disguse to the box factory he liked me.

    Ollie BrownOllie Brown6 months ago
  • I hate Deadpool = loves Mowscles.

    Ollie BrownOllie Brown6 months ago
  • This is fake there is no meowscles. When he eliminated him it didn't say meowscles. Clickbait.

    LWGaming_YTLWGaming_YT6 months ago
  • I feel bad

    Recon FNG YoungerRecon FNG Younger7 months ago
  • I think Meowscles is crying because Midas killed Lynx

    Marshall HaulmanMarshall Haulman7 months ago
  • 2:07 it鈥檚 for the yacht to let you know

    Zinah TobyaZinah Tobya7 months ago
  • The keycard is called yatch keycard so maybe its for the yatch

    SplashySplashy7 months ago
  • you can actually use the keycard he drops if you go to the yacht, since that was his old location

    RoqueRoque7 months ago
  • Agenceh

    Justin Ducky:DJustin Ducky:D7 months ago
  • Danny: i dont know what to do with the card Yacht card: LOOK AT MY NAME!!!

    Megaslammer34Megaslammer347 months ago
  • The vault key from meow can be used at the yacht

    RH. WHOAMIRH. WHOAMI7 months ago
  • poor meowscles

    Dylan TayDylan Tay7 months ago
  • It Leeds to the Yacht

    Ayden鈥檚 AdventureAyden鈥檚 Adventure7 months ago
  • Its cause deadpool took his yatch and lynx likes omega so he basically has nothing now

    Nicole SchlittenhartNicole Schlittenhart7 months ago
  • That key card goes to the yacht

    Michael SellersMichael Sellers7 months ago
  • Which skin are you wearing??

    Purple PhoenixPurple Phoenix7 months ago
  • he sounds like dantdm

    katanawithbadaimkatanawithbadaim7 months ago
  • Wait wat happened to meowcicles

    Bahlol LodhiBahlol Lodhi7 months ago
  • Poor meaowsles

    Natalie MedleyNatalie Medley7 months ago
  • Type F in the chat